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Selective Justice; Historicizing the Underfunding of the RCM Leprosy Scheme in Eastern Nigeria.

  • Corresponding author: Dr. Uche Uwaezuoke Okonkwo
  • Status: Under Review


Anemia in Leprosy Patients.

  • Corresponding author: Dr. Sayalee Nitin Mhatre
  • Status: Under Review


A Clinical Study of Hansens Disease in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Andhra Pradesh

  • Corresponding author: Dr. Haritha Samanthula
  • Status: Under Review


Post Elimination Era: Is Leprosy still a Public Health Problem? A Study from Tertiary Care Hospital in South India.

  • Corresponding author: Dr. Jyothi Jayaraman
  • Status: Under Review


Assess the Perceived Stigma Towards Leprosy among Adult Living Close to the Leprosy Hospital

  • Corresponding author: Dr. Bhuvaneswari Prabha Gopalakrishnan
  • Status: Under Review


Validation of WHO's field Classification and Comparative Evaluation of the Diagnostic Efficacy of Slit Skin Smear Versus Bacterial Index of Granuloma in Case of Hansen's Disease.

  • Corresponding author: Dr. Aparesh Chandra Patra
  • Status: Under Review


Childhood Leprosy: A Retrospective Descriptive Study from Delhi"

  • Corresponding author: Dr. Vineet Relhan
  • Status: Under Review


Childhood Leprosy in the Light of Global Leprosy Strategy 2016-2020.

  • Corresponding author: Dr. Betsy Ambooken
  • Status: Under Review


A Clinico-epidemiological Scenario of Leprosy at a Tertiary Care Centre in Sub-Himalayan Region: A Seven Year Retrospective Study

  • Corresponding author: Dr. Ghanshyam Kumar Verma
  • Status: Under Review


Nail Changes In Leprosy: A Retrospective Observational Study of 125 Patients.

  • Corresponding author: Dr. Chetan Rajput
  • Status: Under Review


Role of S-100 Immunostaining in Differentiation of Borderline Leprosy from other Granulomatous Diseases of Skin.

  • Corresponding author: Dr. Nadia Shirazi
  • Status: Under Review


Use of Validated Severity Scales for Measurement of Lepra Reactions.

  • Corresponding author: Dr. Divya RSJB Rana
  • Status: Under Review


Knowledge & Practices of ASHA Functionaries In Active Case Detection of Leprosy.

  • Corresponding author: Praveer Kumar Saxena
  • Status: Under Review


Facial lazarine leprosy in post elimination era: a case report

  • Corresponding author: Tapaswini Tripathy
  • Status: Under Review


Leprosy in females: A retrospective study in the urban leprosy center of a tertiary care center from Kerala, South India

  • Corresponding author: Dr. S Pradeep Nair
  • Status: Under Review


Clinico Epidemiological Profile of Erythema Nodosum Leprosum in Western Odisha.

  • Corresponding author: Dr. Manjulata Dash
  • Status: Under Review


Trends of Leprosy in a tertiary care centre in Jharkhand

  • Corresponding author: Pooja Choubey
  • Status: Under Review


Clinico-epidemiological profile of deformities among new leprosy patients in a rural tertiary care hospital.

  • Corresponding author: Dr. Nidhi Yadav
  • Status: Under Review


Cranial Nerves and Leprosy

  • Corresponding author: Aejaz Ali Wani
  • Status: Under Review


Study of clinical spectrum and factors associated with deformities in leprosy: A Ten year retrospective analysis.

  • Corresponding author: Dr. Emy Abi Thomas
  • Status: Under Review


Atypical presentations of Lepromatous Leprosy.

  • Corresponding author: Dr. Priyanka John
  • Status: Under Review


Qualitative analysis of the factors associated with rehabilitation of leprosy affected.

  • Corresponding author: Dr MS Raju
  • Status: Under Review

2018- 026 :

Hansens Disease -- An atypical presentation with atypical histopathology

  • Corresponding author: Dr Vinitha Gopakrishnan
  • Status: Under Review

2018 -027 :

A Study on the Health Status of Leprosy Patients in Uttarakhand

  • Corresponding author: Dr Mansi Sharma
  • Status: Under Review

2018-028 :

Anti-PGL-I: A Four Year Sero-epidemiological Surveillance in a Cuban region 2011-2015

  • Corresponding author: Jenny Laura Ruiz-Fuentes
  • Status: Under Review

2018-29 :

A case of Hansen's Disease masquerading as PMLE

  • Corresponding author: Lt Col (Dr) Vikas Pathania
  • Status: Under Review

2018-30 :

Proportion of disabilities and its associated factors among leprosy patients attending Dermatology OPD in a tertiary care hospital of central Kerala

  • Corresponding author: Pooja S
  • Status: Under Review

2018-31 :

The Correlation of the Level of Community Knowledge and Education with the Level of Leprosy Occurrence in Central Jakarta Area year 2017

  • Corresponding author: Dr Muthia Zahra Ibenzani
  • Status: Incomplete submission

2018-32 :

A case of lepromatous leprosy in Oregon

  • Corresponding author: Dr Lily Park
  • Status: Under Review

2018-033 :

Clinico-pathological co-relation in Borderline Tuberculoid Hansen's disease.

  • Corresponding author: Dr Chitra Nayak
  • Status: Under Review

2018-034 :

Factors influencing Participation Restrictions among Persons affected by leprosy

  • Corresponding author: M. Mathanraj David/ Dr MS Raju
  • Status: Under Review

2018-035 :

The relationship of personal hygiene with occurrence of leprosy in Central Jakarta area during year 2017

  • Corresponding author: S Aisah
  • Status: Under Review

2018-036 :

Greater Auricular and Ulnar Nerve Damage in Leprosy: Clinical and Electrophysiological Comparison

  • Corresponding author: Dr Amit Mainra
  • Status: Under Review

2018-037 :

Interesting and unusual presentation of leprosy and the outcome of their delayed diagnosis: Retrospective analysis of 18 cases from a leprosy center in northern India

  • Corresponding author: Major (Dr) Neerja Saraswat
  • Status: Under Review