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Volume 81 Number 4 (Oct-Dec)


Full Article

Clinico-epidemiological trends of leprosy in Himachal Pradesh : a five year study

N Jindal, V Shanker, GR Tegta, M Gupta, GK Verma



Participation level of the leprosy patients in society

S Singh , AK Sinha , BG Banerjee , N Jaswal


Observations from a 'special selective drive' conducted under National Leprosy Elimination Programme in Karjat taluka and Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra

VP Shetty , SS Pandya , S Arora , GD Capadia



Study of leprosy in children

AG Rao


Case Report

Severe form of type 2 reaction in patients of Hansen's disease after withdrawal of thalidomide : case reports

R Rattan, V Shanker, GR Tegta, GK Verma



Annular vesiculobullous eruptions in type 2 reaction in borderline lepromatous leprosy : a case report

HK Kar , A Raina , PK Sharma , M Bhardwaj


Extended Abstract

Global leprosy scenario and vision beyond 2010

MT Htoon, V Pannikar



Management of leprosy reactions : facing the realities

A Palit



Detection of mutations associated with isoniazid resistance in M. tuberculosis isolates by hybridization probe assay of real-time PCR

DS Chauhan , M Chahar , R Sharma , K Katoch , VM Katoch




27 Biennial Conference of Indian Association of Leprologists, New Delhi October 2-4, 2009



Tropical Diseases Bulletin
Vol 106 No 10-11 October-November 2009