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Volume 84 Number 4 ( Oct-Dec)


Original Article

Factors affecting functional outcome of surgical correction of claw hand in leprosy

M Ebenezer , K Rao , S Partheebarajan


Original Article

Leprosy among children and adolescents under 15 years-old in a city of Legal Amazon, Brazil

MJS Santos , CKB Ferrari , OR de Toledo , EV de Moraes , FL David


Original Article

Correlation of clinical and histopathological classification of Leprosy in post elimination era

S Bijjaragi , V Kulkarni , KK Suresh , KR Chatura , P Kumar


Original Article

A study on knowledge, beliefs and attitude towards leprosy in students of Jaipur, Rajasthan

SK Kanodia , AM Dixit , SR Shukla , AK Seth , V Balothia , R Gupta


Original Article

Clinical and histopathological evaluation of the effect of addition of immunotherapy with Mw vaccine to standard chemotherapy in borderline leprosy

R Kamal , M Natrajan , K Katoch , M Arora



Original Article

Impact of Migration on New Case Detection Rates in Leprosy in Gudiyatham Taluk, Tamil Nadu, India

P Samuel , JDRS Bushanam , M Ebenezer , J Richard



Case Report

Is there a relation between Hemicrania continua and Leprosy?

KS Ferreira , DJ Freitas , JG Speciali

Letter to the Editor

Increased need for health education and communication services in contemporary practice

MS Raju