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Volume 80 Number 3 (July-Sep)




Review Article

Dissection of Relationship between Small Heat Shock Protiens and Mycobacterial Diseases.

B Jee,VM Katoch, SK Awasthi


Original Articles

New Lesions after MDT in PB and MB Leprosy: A Report of 28 Cases.

HK Kar, P Sharma


Changing Profile of Disease in leprosy Patients Diagnosed in a Tertiary Care Centre during Years 1995-2000.

M Arora, K Katoch, M Natrajan, R Kamal, VS Yadav


A study on Community-Based Approaches to Reduse Leprosy Stigma in India.

MS Raju, PSS Rao, RK Mutatkar


Case Report

Systemic Sarcoidosis in a case of Lepromatous Leprosy: A case Report

P Sharma, HK Kar, B Singh, D Deepak, M Bhardwaj


Letter to the Editor

Role of never Biopsies in the Diagnosis of Leprosy in the post Multidrug Therapy Era

I Margery, P Joyce2, CK Job3


July - Sep 2008
Volume 80 Number 3

Apr - Jun 2008
Volume 80 Number 2

Jan - Mar 2008
Valume 80 Number 1