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Volume 84 Number 3 ( Jul - Sep)


Original Article

Stakeholders perspectives on perceived needs and priorities for leprosy control and care, Tamil Nadu, India

T Jaeggi , P Manickam , MG Weiss , MD Gupte


Original Article

Histological Diagnosis of Early and Suspicious Leprosy by In situ PCR

M Natrajan , K Katoch , VM Katoch Ram Das , and VD Sharma


Original Article

Efficacy of single-dose chemotherapy (Rifampicin, Ofloxacin and Minocycline-ROM) in PB leprosy patients with 2 to 5 skin lesions, India: Randomised double-blind trial

P Manickam , B Nagaraju , V Selvaraj , S Balasubramanyam , VN Mahalingam , SM Mehendale ,VK Pannikar , MD Gupte , Team of Study Investigators


Original Article

Utility of Fite-Faraco stain for both mast cell count and bacillary index in skin biopsies of leprosy patients

KR Chatura, S Sangeetha


Original Article

Clinicohistopathological concordance in Leprosy - A Clinical, Histopathological and Bacteriological study of 100 cases

M Giridhar, G Arora, K Lajpal, K Singh Chaha



Case Report

Severe cutaneous adverse reactions due to isoniazid in a HIV Positive patient

BK Viswanath, P Ranka, M Ramanjanayalu



Case Report

Awareness, social acceptance and community views on leprosy and its relevance for leprosy control, Tamil Nadu

S Thilakavathi , P Manickam , SM Mehendale


Tropical Diseases Bulletin

Vol 109 Nos 6-7 June-July 2012