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Volume 83 Number 1 (Jan-March)


Mini Review Article

Prevention of disability in leprosy: the different levels.

JW Brandsma


Opinion Article

An attempt towards prevention and management of disabilities and deformities in leprosy

S Husain


Original Article

Nerve conduction studies in paucibacillary and multibacillary leprosy: a comparative evalution

RN Chaurasia, RK Garg, MK Singh, R Verma, R Shukla



Original Article

leprosy among tribal population of chhattisgarh state, India

AS Kumar, S kumar, S Abraham, PSS Rao

Original Article

Response of thickened nerve trunks and skin lesions of leprosy patients to MDT

D Porichha, AK Rao, E Nechemaiah, MC Mishra

original Article

Effects of enviroments and education on knowledge and attitude of nursing students towards leprosy

E Rajkumar, S julious, A Salome, G Jennifer, AS John, L Kannan, J Richard

Original Article

Can the skin smear examination in NLEP be reconsidered?

D Porichha, S Nayak, LB Sahoo, NN Sahoo BN Jinde

Original Article

Satification of leprosy patients on integrated MDT services:as evaluated by Bargarh integrated Community Health Project (BICHP)

SN Pati, D Porchha, KV Krishnamoorty