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Volume 82 Number 1 (Jan-Mar)


Original Articles

Leprosy and its Socio-cultural perception in Indian religions and ancient texts.

AK Sinha, BG Banerjee, S Singh


Study of cykotine response against panel of purified Mycobacterium Laprae antigens by using whole body assay in subjects residing in a resettlement village of cured leprosy patients.

RR Kamble, VS Shinde, SP Madhale, RS Jadhav



Childhood leprosy: profiles from a leprosy referral hospital in West Bengal, India.

I Horo, PSSS Rao, NK Nanda, S Abraham



Salvage surgery for severely deformed hands in leprosy.

A Salafia, G Chauhan



Tropical Diseases Bulletin
Vol 106 No10-11 Oct-Nov 2009