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Volume 85 Number 1 ( Jan-Mar)


Original Article

Type I Reaction in Leprosy - A Histopathological Analysis

M Thomas, J Ponnaiya, M Emmanuel, J Richard


Original Article

Status of Free Radicals and Antioxidants in Leprosy Patients

MC Prabhakar , D Santhikrupa , NManasa , O Umamaheswar Rao


Original Article

Differential Trend of Leprosy in Rural and Urban Area of Western Maharashtra

RV Mohite, VR Mohite, PM Durgawale


Original Article

Nursing interventions to manage anxiety levels of female inpatients admitted first time in a leprosy hospital

A George, T Khora, P Das, PSS Rao


Case Report

Lepromatous leprosy with an uncommon presentation: A case report

KD Barman, K Goel, P Agarwal, S Chukh, VK Garg, N Khurana


Case Report

Silicone implants for muscular wasting of first web and the hypothenar muscles

A Salafia, G Chauhan


Letter to the Editor

Oral health status in leprosy

Viroj Wiwanitkit



Tropical Diseases Bulletin

Vol 110 Nos 1-3 January-March 2013