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We appreciate your long relationship with Indian Journal of Leprosy . We have always been committed to providing the Journal to our readers at subsidized rates. As the cost (s) of raw materials, postage and human resources involved in bringing out this esteemed journal have increased many fold in the last few years, therefore, We are constrained to increase the subscription rates.

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Dr Vishwa Mohan Katoch

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Dr. Babban Jee

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Dr. Partha Sarathi Mohanty Dr Dushyant Pal Singh

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Dr. KS Baghotia
New Delhi, India

Dr. Alok Bhattacharya
New Delhi, India

Dr. DS Chauhan                     
Agra, India

Dr. LS Chauhan
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Dr. Tom Gillis

Dr. PL Joshi
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Dr. HK Kar
New Delhi, India

Dr. Kiran Katoch
Jaipur, India

Dr. Bhushan Kumar
Chandigarh, India

Dr. GN Malaviya
Bhopal, India

Dr. Bharti Malhotra
Jaipur, India

Dr. NK Mehra
New Delhi, India

Dr. RK Mutatkar
Pune, India

Dr. Ben Naafs
The Netherland

Dr. V Nagaraja
Bangaluru, India

Dr. Indira Nath
New Delhi, India

Dr. V Pai                     
Mumbai , India

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Dr. Arvind Pandey
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Dr. V Pannikar                     
New Delhi , India

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Dr. Erwin Schurr                     

Dr. SK Sharma                     
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New Delhi

Dr. K Venkatesan                     
Chennai, India