Indian J Lepr 2008, 80 : 149-154 Original Article

A Study on Non-adherence to MDT
among Leprosy Patients

PSS Rao*


MDT has proven to be a powerful tool in the control of leprosy, especially when patients report early and start prompt treatment. Adherence to and its successful completion are equally important. Unfortunately, due to a number of personal, psychosocial, economic, medical and health service factors, a significant number of patients become irregular and default from MDT. In this paper, the extent of such defaulting, its correlates and reasons are described, based on a study of six leprosy mission hospitals. Nearly 50% of patients closer to the hospitals as compared to 60% beyond have defaulted. Patients from outside the district had significantly higher default rate for all types of leprosy cases as compared to patients living close by to the centres. Motivation, counselling and frequent contact with the patients will help. Health services should also be more patient-friendly. Possible solutions and suggestions are given.

Key words : MDT, Non-adherance, Defaulting rate, Leprosy