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Volume 81 Number 2 (April-June)


Original Articles

Study of cross-reactivity of Mycobactrium leprae reactive Salivary lgA with other environmental mycobacteria

RR Kamable , VS Shinde , SP Madhale , RS Jadhav


Impact of integration on the profile of newly diagnosed leprosy patients attending a referral hospital in South India

S Daniel , S Arunthathi , PSSS Rao


Case Reports

Inoculation Leprosy and HIV co-infection: a rare case with nerve involment preceding development of skin Patch and type1 reaction as immune reconstitution Syndrome following antiretroviral therapy

P Sharma , M Bhardwaj , HK kar


A case of advanced lepromatous leprosy with
Rhino-oro-laryngological involvement
in the post-elimination era.

M Thomas, M Emmanuel




Tropical Diseases Bulletin

Vol 106 No 4-6 April- June 2009



July - Sep 2009
Volume 80 Number 3

Apr - Jun 2009
Volume 80 Number 2

Jan - Mar 2009
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