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Volume 80 Number 2 (April-June)




Review Article

Detection and Classification of Leprosy: Future Needs and Strategies.

VP Shetty, RP Doshi


Original Articles

A Study on Non-adherence to MDT among Leprosy Patients.



Flexor Carpi Ulnaris Transfer Successfully used to Gain Strenthening of Flexor Digitorum Superficialis Tendons.

A Beine


Orofacial Lesions in Treated Central Indian Leprosy
Patients : A Cross Sectional Study with Review of Literature.

SM Rawalani, S Gummadapu, M Motwani, R Bhowate,
S Rawalani


Extent and Correlates of Leprosy Stigma in Rural India.

PSS Rao, MS Raju, A Barkataki, NK Nanda, Sandeep Kumar


Case Report

Necrotic Erythema Nodosum Leprosum with Oral Mucosal Involvement.

JP Swain, A Soud, SK Agarwal



Tropical Diseases Bulletin
Vol 105 No 2, 5, 6, February 2008,May-June 2008



17th International Leprosy Congress, Hyderabad
Report of Pre-Congress Workshops held on January 29-30 ,2008


July - Sep 2008
Volume 80 Number 3

Apr - Jun 2008
Volume 80 Number 2

Jan - Mar 2008
Valume 80 Number 1