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Volume 84 Number 2 (April-June )


Original Article

Help-Seeking habits of untreated leprosy patients reporting to a referral hospital in Uttar Pradesh, India

A Samraj , S Kaki , PSS Rao


Original Article

Factors affecting functional outcome of opponens replacement in median nerve paralysis in leprosy

M Ebenezer , S Kumar , S Partheebarajan


Original Article

Knowledge and Work Performance of Multi-Purpose Workers under national leprosy eradication programme in Satara district, Maharashtra

RV Mohite , VR Mohite


Original Article

Long term results of tibilalis posterior tendon transfer for foot drop in leprosy

S Partheebarajan , S Soloman , M Ebeneze/span>


Case Report

Tuberculosis of the thyroid gland

SK Das , TD Bairagya , S Bhattacharya , DC Barman



Case Report

Various faces of Hansen's disease

RC Raval


Tropical Diseases Bulletin

Vol 109 Nos 4-5 April-May 2012