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Indian Journal of Leprosy is one of the oldest peer reviewed journals of India, dedicated to publishing best research in the areas of leprosy and other mycobacterial diseases from all over the world.

It is published quarterly under the aegis of Hind Kusht Nivaran Sangh (Indian Leprosy Association), India




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April To June 2018


Original Article

A Ten Year Study of Pediatric Leprosy Cases in a Tertiary Care Centre in South Kerala

M Philip , JF Samson , S Ebenezer


Original Article

The Relationship of Nerve Function Impairment and Symptoms in Leprosy

MGB do Nascimento , GL Lopes , NC Albuquerque , DN Somensi , MB Xavier


Original Article

Inter-relationships among Delay, Defaulting, Deformity and De-habilitation in Leprosy: Markers for Eradicating Leprosy in India

SR Moturu and SSR Pamidipani


Original Article

Profile of Disease in Leprosy Patients Diagnosed in a Tertiary Care Centre in Kolkata during 2014-2017

R Ray Ghosh , S Sikdar , AP Ghosh , M Chatterjee


Original Article

Information on Drugs Used in Management of Lepra Reactions in Commonly used Drug Information Sources in India

T Pugazhenthan , S Venkatesan , T Tamilselvan , E Sivashanmugam , MK Showkath Ali


Original Article

Validity of FNAC for the Diagnosis of Leprosy

GSC Baddam , VP Sana , M Maddali , S Ramachandra


Original Article

Clinico-histopathological Concordance in Leprosy Patients - A Study of 200 Cases

S Agrawal and N Bhuptani


Case Report

A curious case of Lepromatous Leprosy Developing Complete loss of Pigmentation, followed by Reappearance of Pigmentation with Multi Drug Therapy (MDT) alone - A Support for Neural Theory of Vitiligo Pathogenesis?

P Kumar , SS Savant , A Das


Case Report

Type 2 Reaction Continuing after 15 Years of MDT in an Atypical Pattern: A Case Report

R Rattan , M Chauhan , A Sharma , GR Tegta , GK Verma


Case Report

Geriatric Leprosy: Two Cases of new onset Leprosy above 80 years of age

Natasha G , K Gallagher , C Simpson , S Danie


Opinion Article

Grey areas in tuberculosis research: need to pay more attention

Babban Jee


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