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Indian Journal of Leprosy is one of the oldest peer reviewed journals of India, dedicated to publishing best research in the areas of leprosy and other mycobacterial diseases from all over the world.

It is published quarterly under the aegis of Hind Kusht Nivaran Sangh (Indian Leprosy Association), India



Volume 85 Number 2 ( April-June)


Original Article

Time trends in MB-PB ratio among untreated leprosy patients attending a referral hospital in UP, India during 2001 to 2010

PK Mukherjee , P Das , PSS Rao


Original Article

Mycobacterium tuberculosis: approach to development of improved strategies for disease control through vaccination and immunodiagnosis 1 2 3

B Mirlekar , S Pathak and G Pathade


Case Report

Multiple nerve abscesses on cutaneous radial nerve - a case of pure neural leprosy

BS Ankad , A Jawalgi , VD Dombale , S Telkar


Case Report

Non pitting edema, arthritis and ichthyosis; presenting manifestation of leprosy

A Moulick , A Jana , N Sarkar , P Guha , C Mahapatra , K Lallawmzuala



Tropical Diseases Bulletin

Vol 110 No 5 May 2013