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Volume 83 Number 2 (Apr-Jun)


Review Article

Immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome in leprosy.

S Sanghi, RS Grewal, B Vasudevan, N Lodha


Original Article

Claw-toes correction : personal technique

A Salafia, G Chauhan


Original Article

A study of knowledge, attitude and practices regarding leprosy among undergraduates and interns of a medical college and hospital from rural India.

PA Giri, DB Phalke, SMM Aarif



Original Article

Transfer of disability care of leprosy to the affected persons and the community members.

D Porichha, VN Rao, P Samal, AK Rao

Original Article

Sustainability of integrated leprosy services in rural India: perceptions of community leaders in Uttar Pradesh

MS Raju, PSS Rao

Original Article

Public awareness on integration of leprosy services at primary health centres in Uttar Pradesh, India.

C Verma, PSS Rao, MS Raju

Case Report

A case of leprosy with multiple cranial neuropathy mimicking Melkerson Rosenthal syndrome.

NT Subbarao, AK Jaiswal

Case Report

Type 2 lepra reaction with HIV1 co-infection: a case report with interesting management implications

S Sachdeva, SS Amin, S Qaisar

Corrigendum: Indian J Lepr 2010, 82: 201-203

Bilateral lagopthalmos in leprosy: is it a rare phenomenon?

AK Jaiswal, NT Subbarao


Tropical Disease Bulletin

Vol 108 Nos 1-2 January-February 2011